Great American Solar Eclipse, 21 August 2017

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This is a composite photo, showing the entire progression of the eclipse. We were in John Day, Oregon, where the eclipse began at 9:08:30am local time, totality was from 10:22:31am local time until 10:24:32am local time (TWO WHOLE MINUTES!!!), and the last contact as the moon moved out from in front of the sun was at 11:44:58am local time. This composite begins with a full-disc image of the sun at the lower left, just before "first contact" (when the moon started occluding the sun), and progresses from the lower left to the upper right, ending at the upper right corner with a full-disc image. The image of the corona is a combination of five images taken using a Canon 5D Mark III camera wearing a 100-400 f/4.5-5.6 IS II lens, at 400mm; the other images were taken with a Canon 5DSR camera wearing a Canon 500mm f/4L IS lens and Canon 1.4xIII focal extender.

The bluish color of the background is the actual color of the sky which the camera picked up in the corona photographs.

We were fortunate that there were a lot of sunspots (since this is a low period in the sunspot sycle), which made the partial-eclipse photos more interesting.

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