Jupiter (and moons)



Jupiter and Moons: This is my second effort at imaging Jupiter, the largest planet in the solar system, and three of its four Galilean moons. Jupiter has a diameter of almost 90,000 miles (compared to the Earth's diameter of just under 8,000 miles).


Technical Information:

This is processed from a stack of a bit over 1000 images, from a 40-second .avi video.

Equipment: 11" Celestron EdgeHD at f/10; images acquired with a Point Grey Research Grasshopper3 6mp CCD monochrome video camera (GS3-U3-60QS6M-C).

Image Acquisition/Camera Control: Firecapture

Processing: No calibration performed. Images stacked in AutoStakkert! 2, sharpened in Registax 6, and further massaged in Photoshop CC2017

Location: My yard in Redmond, Washington, elevation 500'.

Date: All images taken during the night of 3/31/2016 (4/1/2016 0550 UT). Image posted November 22, 2017.

Copyright Mark de Regt, 2016