Our Moon
Our Moon



Jupiter and Moons: Our moon has a mean distance from earth of about 239,000 miles, and a diameter of about 2,160 miles (a little more than a quarter that of Earth). Essentially this same part of the moon always faces us.

Technical Information:

LRGB: This is a single, unbinned exposure, 1/25 second, through a hydrogen alpha filter.

Equipment: Takahahshi FSQ106, and an SBIG STL11000M camera

Image Acquisition/Camera Control: MaximDL

Processing: No calibration performed. Some curves, sharpening and contrast added in Photoshop.

Location: Fair Dinkum Skies, near Moorook, South Australia.

Date: Early in the morning of 5/17/11, local time

CCD Temperature: -25C

Moon Phase: About thirteen hours shy of full

Copyright Mark de Regt, 2011