Emission Nebula with Open Cluster in Cepheus



NGC7380: This is a large gas cloud integrated with stars which coalesced from it, estimated to be about 10,000 light years away.


Technical Information:

RRGB: 120:50:50:80 (LRG were ten minute images, B were 16 minute images, all unbinned).

Equipment: 10" LX200 at f/4.6, and an SBIG ST-7E camera/CFW-8 color filter wheel

Image Acquisition/Camera Control: CCDSoft V5.

Processing: All images calibrated (darks and dawn flats) and registered in AIP4WIN. Luminance images add combined in CCDSoft; RGB median combined in CCDSoft. Luminance layer had five iterations of Richardson-Lucy applied in AIP4WIN. Color combine, and adjustment of curves and levels, performed in Photoshop 5.5.

Location: My back yard in Bellevue, Washington, elevation 600'.

Date: Images taken during the night of 9/14/01.

CCD Temperature: -15C