Pelican Nebula
Emission Nebula in Cygnus


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IC5070: This is part of a very large gas cloud/star-forming region, visually located within the constellation Cygnus. It is about 2,000 light years away.


Technical Information:

(HA)RGB: 150:90:90:90 (Luminance layer consisted of 15 ten minute images through an Astrodon hydrogen alpha filter; R, G and B comprised of 18 five minute images). L images unbinned; R, G and B binned 2x2.

Equipment: Takahashi Sky90 II at f/4.5 using a Takahashi flattener/reducer, riding on a tripod-mounted Meade LXD 650 mount, with an SBIG ST-8XE camera/CFW-8 color filter wheel equipped with a full set of Astrodon filters.

Image Acquisition/Camera Control: CCDSoft V5.

Processing: All images calibrated (darks and dawn flats) and registered in CCDSoft. Blooms removed using the NewAstro debloomer. Images average combined in Ray Gralak's sigma reject program. Richardson-Lucy deconvolution applied in AIP4WIN. Iterative applications of curves and levels in Photoshop 6.0, followed by unsharp mask in Photoshop. Color combine performed in Photoshop 6.0.

Location: My yard in Redmond, Washington, elevation 500'.

Date: Luminance taken during the night of June 28, 2004; R, G and B shot through high clouds during the night of June 29, 2004.

CCD Temperature: -25C

Image Scale: 4.47 arcseconds per pixel

Moon Phase: Two days before full moon

Copyright 2004 Mark de Regt